Setting up and editing Permissions


CloudMGR uses RBAC (Role Based Access Control) to control the levels of access and permission that users have to the application and, for users with multiple AWS accounts, whether or not a user can access a particular AWS account.

Role-based-access-control (RBAC) is a policy neutral access control mechanism defined around roles and privileges. The components of RBAC such as role-permissions, user-role and role-role relationships make it simple to perform user assignments for small and large numbers of users.

Permissions are available to users on the Enterprise Plan. Configuration of Role Permissions and User Permissions is only available to the Account Owner.

Role Permissions allow you to set permissions for roles then assign users to the roles.

User Permissions allow you to set permissions specifically for a user, this setting will override the role permissions.  

This permissions structure allows an Account Owner to provide users with full or limited access to certain AWS accounts and CloudMGR features, while hiding other AWS accounts or features. 


Setting up and editing Permissions

  1. Access your Permissions by navigating to Settings from within the CloudMGR App.

  2. To modify your permissions, navigate to the Permissions tab.

  3. To create a new Role, click the + icon.
    • Set a Name and Description for the Role.

    • Add AWS permissions to the new Role by selecting the relevant account from the Provider Account Permissions dropdown list and pressing the + button.

    • From the row of checkboxes that appear below the Account, check the boxes the correspond to the required level of permission for that Account.

      CloudMGR provides the following levels of permission:
      VIEW: Users with this permission can view selected AWS account within CloudMGR.
      CREATE: Users can create entities, including  inside a selected AWS account.
      EDIT: Users can edit entities inside a selected AWS account.
      DELETE: Users can delete entities inside a selected AWS account.

    • Once configured, add Users to the Role by clicking Assigned Users

    • To save the permission settings, click Save Changes.
  1. To edit an existing Role or add users to the Role, click the pencil icon  
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