Image and Snapshot Management (Create, Expire & Delete)


Configuring Image and Snapshot creation and expiration using a Schedule. 


1. From Schedules, create a new Schedule. Give your Schedule a name and assign a time and frequency.


2. Select Create Image or Create Snapshot as your first action 

3. After selecting Create Image or Create Snapshot chain together a second action by selecting Add Action to Schedule


4. Select Expire Image or Expire Snapshot as your second action

Then configure your retention period. 

5. Use Filters to select which resources to apply the Schedule to, then select Create Schedule to activate your new Schedule.


Notes on deletion of Snapshots and Images: 

  • When using Schedules to setup backup of images and snapshots, CloudMGR will automatically expire and delete images and snapshots created using Schedules.
  • You can also manually delete images and snapshots created in CloudMGR via the Global actions at the top of the Servers page. 
  • CloudMGR will only expire Snapshots and Images that have been created by CloudMGR using the "Create Snapshot" or "Create Image" actions.

  • You can check whether a Snapshot has been created by CloudMGR by checking the Snapshot Description, which will contain the string "cloudmgr-backup-***************"


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