Pricebooks FAQ's


How many accounts can a Pricebook contain?

A single Pricebook can have as many accounts as you want. However, a single account can only be linked to one Pricebook.

Can I use Pricebooks to generate a bill?

CloudMGR's integration with ConnectWise allows for the use of billing data marked up using Pricebooks to generate invoices via ConnectWise.

Alternatively, You can export a CSV of the marked-up costs of a particular Pricebook. The exported data can then be used to generate invoices.

What do I need to do to get Pricebooks?

To have access to Pricebooks you will need to have an Enterprise account with CloudMGR.

Learn how to upgrade your account here.

How do I activate Pricebooks?

In order to have Pricebooks configured on your account you will need an AWS account that has billing data configured.

How do I know which pricing rules are being applied?

Pricing Rules override more general rules to apply more specific rules.

i.e. A product based rule will override a default rule and a resource rule will override a product based rule.

Pricing rules are based on exclusion. If a pricing rule is being applied at the resource level, a product level margin will not be applied. Similarly, if a product rule is the most specific rule the default rule will not be applied.


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