Connect CloudMGR to Connectwise


Create an Integrator Login in Connectwise

Before you can connect CloudMGR to your Connectwise, you need to create an Integrator Login account within Connectwise.  The following steps will take you through how to do it.

  1. In the Connectwise Internet Client, click on the System menu, then Setup Tables. 
  2. Locate the Integrator Login table by searching for it, then click on it to open the Integrator Login page.
  3. The Integrator Login page will list all of your current Integrator Logins.  Click on the page  icon to create a new Integrator Login.
  4. Enter in CloudMGR for the Username.
  5. Enter in a desired password.  Make sure you remember it, as we'll need it later.
  6. Set Access Level to All Records.
  7. Click all the ticket boxes in the Enable Available API(s) section.  These give CloudMGR permission to make calls to Connectwise, and without permission strange behaviour may occur.
  8. Once done, click the Save  icon.  You're now ready to connect CloudMGR to your Connectwise.

Connect in CloudMGR

  1. To connect your Connectwise Account to CloudMGR, go to your account page and click on the Pencil Icon in the Connectwise section. 
  2. Enter in your Connectwise API Users Company, Username, and Password in their respective fields.
  3. If you host your own Connectwise click I host my Connectwise, then enter in the URL of your Connectwise in the Connectwise Host Url field.
  4. Click Save Credentials.
  5. If your credentials could be successfully verified, you'll now get extra configuration options.  
  6. The Server configuration section allows you to specify how often Server data gets posted to Connectwise.
  7. The Storage configuration section allows you to specify how often Storage data gets posted to Connectwise.  You will also need to select the the day of the month that the usage data will get posted.
  8. The General configuration section asks for a  Configuration Item Type.  This is a global configuration template from your Connectwise that is required when we create configuration items for servers.
  9. Click Save Credentials. On a successful save the section will collapse.

Now that you've connected your Connectwise to CloudMGR, you'll need to link some servers or storage buckets.

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