Link a server to Connectwise


Before you link a server to Connectwise, ensure that you've successfully connected CloudMGR to Connect by following the instructions here.


  1. On the server details page click on the pencil icon in the Connectwise section.

  2. Select a Company.  The Agreement section will automatically refresh with agreements for the selected company drop down.
  3. Select an Agreement and a Product for this server.
  4. Click save.  This will create a configuration item inside the agreement in Connectwise which allows us to post usage data to the agreement. 

Note:  If you make a change to a server that requires a change to the agreement or product, then you will need to change the link in CloudMGR manually by repeating the above steps.


To view your usage data in Connectwise follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Connectwise Internet Client
  2. Click on Companies, then in the section that opens up click Companies

  3. Search for the company that you linked your server to
  4. Once you've been taken to the companies page, click on the Agreements tab
  5. In the Agreements section click on the Additions tab to see the list of additions that CloudMGR has posted for this agreement.
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