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Before we get started setting up your billing preferences, you need to have a designated S3 bucket to store billing data in.  When you add your AWS details to CloudMGR a bucket is created for you with the appropriate privileges.  You'll need that bucket name to proceed with the following steps.  To find the bucket name follow the instructions here.

These steps are required if you connect your CloudMGR account to Autotask or Connectwise.

Enable Billing Reports

  1. Login to your AWS console, then click on your name in the top right hand corner and select My Account.

  2. In the left menu click on Preferences.  This will bring you to a page with preferences for how you want to receive billing data.

  3. Tick Receive Billing Reports, then enter your billing bucket id, then click Verify to make sure that the data files can be uploaded to the bucket.

  4. Click Save preferences.  You'll now get more options for your billing reports.

  5. Tick Detailed billing report with resources and tags, then click Save preferences.
  6. Your billing information is now set up.  If you have used your own S3 bucket, please send us a support request so we can update the information on the CloudMGR side.

If you would also like to set up consolidated billing, follow the instructions here.



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