Creating IAM Users


This article will take you through the steps of creating IAM users.


Create the IAM user

  1. Login to your AWS Console via
  2. Click on Identity & Access Management in the Administration & Security section.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Users and then click Create New Users.

  4. In box 1, type in a username.   Ensure that Generate an access key for each user is ticked, then click Create

  5. Click Download Credentials and save your access key in a secure place.  
    Note: The CSV file that gets downloaded contains this users AWS credentials.

  6. Click Close.
  7. In the content area, under User Name, click the name of the user you just created. 

  8. In the content area, in the Permissions section, click Attach User Policy.

  9. Type PowerUserAccess in the search fieldTick the box next to PowerUserAccess, then click Attach Policy. Note you may want to provide a read only policy if testing one of the CloudMGR reports like the RI Usage Tool. 

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