How To Add A Firewall Rule To A Server Instance


To add a firewall rule to one of your server instances, follow these steps:

  1. On the Cloud Servers page click on the server you wish to add a firewall rule to
  2. Once the server information has loaded click on the Firewall tab
  3. Click on the Add A New Rule button
  4. Select the protocol you wish to use in the Protocol drop down (the default is TCP)
  5. Select the port for the rule in the Port drop down.  You can select from one of the common ports, a custom port which will then provide a box for you to enter the port number in, or a port range which will provide you with two boxes to enter a start and end port.
  6. Enter the IP address for this rule.  This has to be in CIDR notation.  More information about the IP addresses you can enter can be found here.
  7. Click the Save Firewall Rule button
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